Alfine Titanium One Massage Robot

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Alfine Titanium One Massage Robot

With the most professional R&D team and powerful manufacturing center, Alfine, empowered by AI, is set to become the world’s first mass producer of home massage robots. Its new product, Titanium One, will be proudly presented in July!

The Advanced Massage Robot——Alfine uses Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence to recognize what you like—and learns from it. After every massage, the robot is smarter.
Consistently exceptional, easily accessible, and always on your terms.
Self-care is no longer a nice-to-have. Our massage empowers you to give your body the attention it deserves without compromising your schedule.
Your perfect massage, wherever you are.
Set your pressure preferences. Pick your music. Adjust sessions to your style. We remember it all for your Alfine experience, anywhere.

Integrating massage robot into daily life with a robotic assisted system is where the Alfine comes in. After all, massage is a subtle interplay of precision and application of pressure – an ideal candidate for implementation by machine, especially as it is possible to respond to individual sensitivities of the users.
The massage robot with the integrated aims to include massages into the daily life of people and make the lives of physiotherapists easier.


Do not use it if you have Osteoporosis 

Do not use it if you are pregnant

Do not use it if you are under 16 years old 

This product is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Make sure to get familiar with it before using it for a long time

We do NOT take any responsibility in harm caused by any of our products due to misguided use. 

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