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I recently purchased a massage chair and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The chair is incredibly comfortable and the massage function is amazing. It has a variety of massage modes and intensity levels that allow me to customize my massage experience to my preferences. 


Is very Beautiful. one Peace A furniture. Recommend for WGS delivery to setup the unit very heavy. Somehow is missing a fingers scan on the left side of the pannel . I like all the functions at first day the second is started hurting me by the roller. I believe need to use to it or only massage one week. But is a betiful massage chair.


I recently purchased the Irest 710 massage chair and I was pleasantly surprised by the fast delivery – it arrived in just 5 days! The customer service was excellent and the real-time delivery tracking was a great feature.

On the first day, my wife and I ran the chair for 2 hours and absolutely loved it. We played oriental relaxation music through the Bluetooth speakers and it took the experience to another level, especially with the placement of the speakers. Additionally, the chair can be adjusted to focus on specific parts of the body, making it even more customizable. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase of the Irest 710 massage chair.

Jeff R.

I purchased a black chair, but it was already sold out. Instead, I opted for the beige one. I placed the chair in my bedroom so that I could enjoy it before going to bed at night. The chair has a Bluetooth feature that allows me to switch between different massage modes and listen to my favorite songs. It’s incredibly relaxing!
We are absolutely thrilled with it! We’ve been using it every day and it’s been an incredible experience. We never regretted purchasing this chair because of its health benefits. Owning a massage chair at home has been a dream for us.

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