Alfine A620 4D Black Knight Massage Chair

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The whole body flexible airbag massage, combined with the heating function of the waist and legs, can relieve the muscle soreness and promote blood circulation.


Through the calf airbag massage and calf roller moving up and down massage, combined with the leg heating function, it can open up the meridians of the legs and release the pressure on the legs.


Three-speed zero-gravity function, in the zero-gravity state, the body and legs are adjusted to about 127°, and the body weight is evenly distributed. With the extended SL guide rail and stretching program, it can relieve the fatigue of the back and relieve the discomfort of the whole body to the greatest effect. , help to improve sleep quality


Hand-controlled screen control interface, easier to operate.We can switch between different automatic programs, and can also apply manual settings to adjust the desired position of the massage chair, massage techniques, massage force speed and other parameters to achieve personalized massage.


Automatically match different leg lengths, the electric automatic calfrest extension makes the legs and feet no longer need to continuously step on the feet during massage, allowing you to enjoy the massage in a fully relaxed stat


***Notice: This product is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.


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Do not use it if you have Osteoporosis 

Do not use it if you are pregnant

Do not use it if you are under 16 years old 

This product is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Make sure to get familiar with it before using it for a long time

We do NOT take any responsibility in harm caused by any of our products due to misguided use. 

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