2023 Alfine A710 Spaceship 4D iRest System Massage Chair

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Alfine A710 4D Massage Chair

Alfine A710 is a 4D massage chair with the latest technology and the most comprehensive functions.The 3 most recommended reasons are Dual Intelligent Detection System,Program Customization & Recall,Calf & Foot 3D massage.


The 53.15″ SL track follows the spine’s natural curve, effectively targeting the neck, back, and glutes to relieve stress, and it can be combined with various massage techniques like kneading, tapping, knocking, grasping, and shiatsu for a more customized experience.


The advanced 4D massage rollers move in 4 dimensions and can adjust depth, width, speed, and intensity in real time while targeting specific muscle groups with programmable massage techniques, body type adjustments, and scanning technology for a personalized massage experience.


This feature is useful for those who have specific massage preferences or often use the same settings to quickly select the desired massage program to relieve body fatigue and soreness.


The calfrest can be extended or retracted using an electric motor, providing support and relief for the calves. The extension can be adjusted to different length and angles to suit the user’s comfort level and preferences.


The yoga stretch function uses various stretches to help users improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and improve overall physical comfort.


The AI automatic body scanning system to detect and micro-adjust the user’s shoulder position, body curves, and Shiatsu points for a personalized and scientifically-informed massage experience.


The comprehensive 3D calf and foot massage, all-round massage for your calf and feet, so you can enjoy an amazing massage experience at home


There are many airbags placed strategically throughout the massage chair to provide a full-body massage experience. Activating the heating function will cause the shawl to emit a gentle and soothing heat that can assist in relaxing muscles and enhancing blood circulation in the user’s shoulders, back, waist, and abdomen. This can provide an extra level of relaxation and comfort to the user during their massage experience.


The stepless adjustment zero gravity allows users to choose the angle that feels most comfortable, distributing the weight of the body evenly over the massage chair and completely relaxing the entire back.


The use of triple control system, suitable for different use habits of the users more convenient to enjoy the massage.


Other features.
Negative oxygen ions: This feature releases negative oxygen ions, which can help purify the air and create a more refreshing and calming environment.
Wireless charging & USB charging port: Eliminate the trouble of running out of battery for cell phones when relaxing.
Bluetooth audio: allows users to enjoy the massage in their favorite music.


***Notice: This product is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.


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Do not use it if you have Osteoporosis 

Do not use it if you are pregnant

Do not use it if you are under 16 years old 

This product is not suitable for people with high blood pressure and heart disease.

Make sure to get familiar with it before using it for a long time

We do NOT take any responsibility in harm caused by any of our products due to misguided use. 

1 review for 2023 Alfine A710 Spaceship 4D iRest System Massage Chair

  1. Erik

    I researched and reviewed several massagers before making a decision. I am very satisfied with purchasing the A710. I really enjoy the different programmed options. You can enjoy a really good full body massage right at home. I’ve had friends to try it and purchased one for themselves. I received top notch service with my purchase…thanks.

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